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Exeevo provides a unified, intelligent, agile digital ecosystem built with the entire Microsoft Business Applications stack including Dynamics 365, Power Platform, Azure, and Teams, as well as the Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare. Exeevo platforms are verticalized for life sciences with use cases for customer and patient engagement, operations, productivity, and personalization. ​


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Modern platforms for the life sciences organizations that are leading the experiences-driven future of healthcare​

CX + PX Platforms for Life Sciences

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Hear from customers and CX leaders, about the cultural and tech changes required to create a successful customer experience-focused strategy in the Roaring 20s

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Highlighted for: ​
- Advanced Decision Support for Sales ​
- Multichannel Campaign Management ​
- Account Management and Selling



Omnipresence customer experience platform recognized as one of the top 3 providers of Global CRM capabilities in life sciences​



Omnipresence recognized as an alternative to Salesforce-based CRM partners to improve life sciences business outcomes

Health Experiences​ Resources


1,000 life sciences leaders discuss the role MSLs play in today’s digital-first era

Exeevo & Microsoft  Vision & Mission​

Paul Simms talks to Exeevo and Microsoft about the innovations being brought to the market by both in healthcare and life sciences

CX Management for Life Sciences​

Shedding light on the 5 pillars that will allow your organization to meet and even exceed healthcare practitioner and patient expectations

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Reuters discusses the true value in making customer centricity your crux.

Checklist to evaluate the capabilities of customer platform solutions

Comprehensive checklist to help you evaluate the capabilities of customer platform solutions

AI life sciences

A deep dive into the potential of AI for life sciences including challenges and use cases​