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Understand how to leverage a CRM system that will help HCPs improve and manage the oncology patient customer experience

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Can New Tech Get
Pharma Reps to Stop Hating their CRM?

Pharma companies and their sales reps need to adapt to their customer's behaviors to stay relevant. Edwin Erckens, former CIO of Sanofi, weighs in

Pharma CRM Strategy

CIO Blog Series: Tier 1 & 2 CRM & Device Strategies

Edwin Erckens, former CIO of Sanofi,

outlines his considerations when choosing

a biopharma CRM

Pharma KPIs for Field Force

Incentivizing people with KPI-linked bonuses is nothing new. If clearly defined they will get you results, but if not they can just reinforce the wrong behaviors


The Truth About Life Sciences CRMs' Unbelievably High Costs

Why do pharma CRMs cost so much? The real reason has nothing to do with how complex medical CRMs are and everything to do with industry leaders' lack of trust in technology

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Why CXM is the New Frontier for the Forward Thinking in Life Sciences

Want the blueprint for better CX? Discover Customer Experience Management (CXM) for life sciences and improve health outcomes in 2021

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Top 8 Social Media Mistakes in Life Sciences Affecting Engagement

Are you guilty of any of these social media mistakes? Find out how you can avoid making the 8 most common social media mistakes made by life sciences companies  


Top CX Leaders to Follow in Life Sciences

Over the past year, we have identified CX leaders who have stood out from their peers in leading this change at their organizations as well as the industry. Find out the top CX leaders to follow in life sciences


9 Ways to Improve Your Team's Engagement With HCPs

Leveraging digital channels to provide a better customer experience is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Here are 9 tips team leaders can use to help set up their teams for successful digital engagement

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Managing Life Sciences Customer Journeys Through CXM

Delivering a positive customer interaction across the journey is now becoming the focus across life sciences functions, be it looking at the customer experience provided to healthcare practitioners (HCPs) or patients

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Intelligent, Personalized Self-Service for Healthcare Professionals

Life sciences companies have started to offer a single customer service-oriented destination to access medical information and learn, at their own leisure, about services for their practice or their patients

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Intelligent Assistants Reshaping Engagement with HCPs

As global instant messaging platforms have become pervasive in our day-to-day lives, AI-based chat systems are now the next level of expected customer services 


Social Selling and Team Collaboration for the Pharma Field Force

While it has been a challenge to compliantly integrate social channels for field use, some life sciences-focused CRMs have started to integrate social media intelligence into their sales applications