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Platform Updates

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Omnipresence Technologies
is Now Exeevo 

Learn about the exciting rebrand

"We will continue our work under the new brand Exeevo which stands for excellence and innovation in health experiences, delivered by life sciences organizations. The star at the center of our new logo represents action, insight, and illumination, and like our platforms, all the sparks must come together into a unified yet flexible solution.” 

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"We’re proud to be recognized as a trusted partner and to support our customers' drive for better commercial strategies with a modern customer experience platform with a modern customer experience platform that can keep up with the pace and complexity of today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape."

Derek J. Evans, SVP, Exeevo commented.

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Platform Updates

Exeevo’s Spring 2022 release provides a depth of patient support features to enhance HCP, patient and care team experiences by reducing workload while improving patient care. 

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The industry-first solution solves life sciences’ need for a modern, secure, compliant, and universally accepted connectivity platform for communication and collaboration between organizations, healthcare professionals, and patients

Cutting-edge enhancements and new capabilities to advance the industry toward the next normal of customer engagement

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Exeevo’s Fall 2021 release has a depth of new groundbreaking Omnipresence and Omnicare platform enhancements to boost business processes, data management, and patient adherence. Discover the exciting new capabilities.

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Exeevo and Microsoft extend their industry-disrupting alliance to provide even more choices for life sciences organizations looking to transform customer engagement

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Exeevo announces it's spring 2021 release updates for the Omnipresence, Omnicare and Omnisight platforms. Learn about user experience improvements and exciting new functionality across all three platforms

Analyst Coverage

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"Exeevo has an opportunity to position itself as the leading non-Salesforce CRM for health sciences.” 

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Exeevo differentiates itself by enabling advanced functionalities with a particular focus on industry-specific advanced analytics, and cognitive capabilities…


"Pharma CIOs should watch the market…”

"Exeevo has an opportunity to position itself as the leading non-Salesforce CRM for health sciences.” 



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Hear from the expert panel and learn the secrets to empowering patients and caregivers throughout their treatment journey

Winding Road

Listen to the expert panel as they discuss how medical affairs can contribute to elevated customer experiences

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Are you generating intelligent and actionable insights from digital channels? Watch as the expert panel reveals the blueprint of a CX-First model

Watch as experts from Forrester, LinkedIn, Sandoz, and Omnipresence, explain how to get to a 360-degree view of your life sciences customers

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Learn more about Customer Experience Management (CXM) and why this is the technology needed to succeed in 2020 and beyond

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Watch as we identify, ideate and evaluate how pharma's digital leadership can seize this moment to reinvent our approach to customer engagement with CXM

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Learn what soft and hard skills are required to drive productivity success and the new digital tactics needed to define the sales force’s success organization-wide.

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Matt Watkinson and Chris Wade discuss why customer experience matters and why it shouldn't be considered a business's sole competitive differentiator

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Watch the webinar on the importance of AI for Pharma Commercial Operations and how Exeevo uses AI to Improve Productivity, Optimize Operations & Deliver CX across an Organization.

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