Exeevo Omnicare Spring 2022
Release Cycle 2022

New York, New York, April 11, 2022.


EXEEVO, a global enterprise SaaS leader focused on revolutionizing healthcare professional and patient experiences for life sciences organizations announces the release of 7.0, which adds additional patient support program functionality to Exeevo Omnicare, and its Patient Experience platform. Omnicare addresses patient experience (PX) use cases from trial to therapy for patients, practitioners, and care agents. It replaces fragmented point solutions with an enterprise-wide platform for the future.


Exeevo Omnicare has introduced new functionalities that help the care

agent track patient conditions, suggest required services, or act on

collected data to improve patient medication adherence.  All functionalities

including enrolling and onboarding the patient into the support program,

monitoring of conditions, observations, therapy adherence, and regular

tracking through surveys during the patient journey can now be completed

digitally. Additionally, the Omnipresence Events module has been extended

in Omnicare to enable the management and execution of patient

education activities.

Patients can be segmented based on their demographic or medical information, and engaged through automated, personalized, and omnichannel journeys. For example, sending reminder messages or educational materials through channels like SMS and email can be automated according to the patient’s journey, thereby improving patient care communication. Automated physical or remote appointment reminders can also be set up for the care agents to closely monitor the patient’s condition and adherence.

HCPs can now benefit from self-serve facilities through the Omnicare web portal. Self-service functionality includes accessing educational content, digitally capturing patient consent for enrollment into patient support programs, viewing patient enrollment status updates, monitoring patient medication adherence, communicating with care agents and patients, raising service requests for benefit verification, financial assistance, and more. Both patients and caregivers can track their statuses and adherence and communicate with the HCPs and care agents through the web portal.


Exeevo Omnicare Healthcare Portal

EXEEVO Omnicare 7.0 provides a depth of patient support features to enhance HCP, patient and care team experiences by reducing workload while improving patient care.  

About Exeevo

Exeevo is a unified, intelligent and agile digital CRM ecosystem for life sciences organizations to revolutionize health experiences for healthcare teams and patients in their journey towards sustainable health outcomes. Built with Microsoft clouds including Dynamics 365, Azure and Teams as well as Cloud for Healthcare, Exeevo platforms are verticalized for customer and patient experiences, delivered by biopharma, medical devices, biotech and consumer health organizations.