Empower HCPs, Health Systems, Pharmacists​

With modern omnichannel capabilities for Commercial CRM, Medical CRM, Journeys, Events, Engagements and other use cases​

Exeevo Omnipresence HCP Detailing for Pharma Medical Reps

Meet Omnipresence​

Switch from complex systems built for traditional business models. Accelerate change with a modern digital ecosystem​.

A Better CX for Every Interaction​

Omnipresence by Exeevo Marketing Automation

Plan and Automate
Omnichannel Customer Journeys

With modern click-not-code customer journeys

Visualize and schedule the cross-channel flow of field and marketing communications to ensure all segments are receiving the right message, at the right interval, across channels.

Business Processes for All Personas in Customer Engagement

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Customer & Account Profiles​

Call plans, Recording, Routing Planning, Territory Alignment

Time-Off, Sampling, Detailing​

Team Meetings and Coaching​

Surveys, Medical/Service Inquiry Intake


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Account Profiles​

​Account Plans and Objectives​

Team Selling and Tasks​

Opportunity-to-Order Cycle​


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Inquiry Case Management​

​Remote Medical, Response
Documents & Knowledge base​

Presentations & Account Details​

Scientific Plans Firewalled from Commercial Users ​


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Content Sharing​

​Remote Meetings​

Approved Call Scripts​

Agent Coaching Templates ​

Telephony Integration​

Timeline Activity View​

Inside Sales​

Why Life Sciences Is Moving to CXM​

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Modern CX for Life Sciences​

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Connect with your customers easily by offering each one a personalized experience on their preferred channels​


Embedded Insights​

Experience the power of Microsoft AI, trained for your industry-specific needs ​

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Fast Time To Market​

Hit the ground running with 10+ CX applications built for the needs of life sciences. Launch in 12 weeks or less 

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Common Data Model​

Benefit from a set of a standardized, extensible data schemas published by Microsoft and its partners that enable consistency of data and its meaning across applications

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Single License Framework​

Avoid messy integrations and benefit from having a unified ecosystem​ and one license

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Works on All Devices

And supports OS, iOS and Android to accommodate your global workforce​

Health Experiences Resources​


Reuters surveyed 1,000 life sciences leaders and evaluated the role MSLs play in today’s digital-first era and how commercial teams can collaborate

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