Insights for Life Sciences CX and PX

Verticalized life sciences BI, AI, ML, NL that can generate insights to optimize and personalize customer and patient experiences quickly​

Customer Insights

Meet Omnisight​

​Give teams a unified and real-time ​view of their customers so they can offer personalized experiences.​ Built specifically for life sciences organizations that want to overcome disconnected data silos.

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Visualize Life Sciences KPIs

Out-of-the-box business insights with extensibility for new measures or business specific computations 

Accelerate smart decision making with Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards that are natively available across the platform. Avoid lengthy customizations and hit the ground running with comprehensive KPI dictionaries created specifically for life sciences organizations use cases

One Customer Profile From All The Angles

AI for Pharma Commercial Reps

Get the most out of data with intelligent and industry-specific data management ​

Equip commercial teams with the insights needed to personalize customer engagement​

Empower faster and smarter decision making and accelerate time-to-market ​

Smarter Commercial Decisions​

Medical Affairs

Make it easier for medical affairs to engage by giving them a complete view of their customers​

Simplify collaboration between medical and other functions by unifying data sources​. Personalize medical content and engagement with advanced algorithms​

Medical Affairs Insights

Pharma Data-Driven Marketing

Data-Driven Marketing​

Give marketing quick and easy access to customer data from other functions​

Personalize every customer interaction and drive better campaign results​

Empower omnichannel experiences by unifying data from all customer channels​

Traditional Insights Are Outdated

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Modern Insight Generation For Life Sciences​

Pharma Data

Unify All Data

Combine data from all channels and sources, including life sciences specific CRMs​, marketing, media, service, and other datasets such as Rx, Shipments

Life Sciences AI Icon

Trained Algorithms​

Deploy the power of Microsoft AI and ML models carefully trained for your industry-specific needs ​

Pharma CX and PX

CX & PX Predictions

Relevant insights and predictions for many use cases that can be operationalized at scale

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