The Rise of AI in Life Sciences

Actualizing the Customer Journey in Life Sciences and Improving Customer Engagement 

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AI Is Here to Stay

Whether your approach is to take a deep dive into AI by enabling it in large projects or to use AI for particular use cases, it’s truly time to take the bull by the horns and map out a plan as the writing is on the wall − AI is here to stay.


Many AI-technologies are moving out of what Gartner calls “hype cycle peak of inflated expectation” and finally transitioning to a transformative business must-have such as the emerging technology of virtual assistants.

"There are indicators of early adoption in biopharma with between 20-30% of life sciences organizations investing in AI at this point in time." Pharma Technology Focus

Advancing Sales and Marketing Strategy with AI

AI catapults customer relationship management to the modern era, creating opportunities for growth delighting customer facing teams and customers alike.

In order to make sense of all the rich customer data available, modern CRMs take advantage of these advances in technology to make it easy for sales to connect with the pulse of the dynamic customer.

Impact of AI on the Customer Journey

The key to building an AI-focused CRM system is to have a common data model that can make sense of a tweet, an email, a phone call, content consumption, an in-person visit and so on, and deliver insights into moving the customer along the sales funnel.

With an AI-based CRM, every customer interaction across mediums can be utilized to plan and execute the next step in progressing the relationship, be it via sales or marketing.

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AI as Part of Your Life Sciences Customer Engagement Tool