Why Traditional CRM Is Dead

& Customer Experience Management (CXM) Is the Future 

Don’t let your technology stand between you and your customer


Meet the Speakers

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Jeanne Kehren

Senior VP Digital & Commercial Innovation,


Hank Pellegrino.jpeg

Hank Pellegrino

Global Marketing and Sales Solutions Lead


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Paul Simms

Pharma Provocateur

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Sanjay Virmani



We’ve surprised ourselves with the speed at which we’ve moved to mobilize and go digital in the wake of Covid-19. But the “sprint” solution of 2020 is not the marathon solution we should continue with beyond this point if we are to maximize the long-term potential of customer-centricity. 

The truth is that we’ve hit the limit of where we can go with legacy, single-dimension CRM systems, technology which wasn’t designed for today.

So, let’s focus on the fundamentals that will drive success in this new era: We need to be leaner and smarter at delivering customer value. 

Today’s winners need to focus on this singular goal and it’s clear that CRM can’t get us there. We need to go beyond the basics to personalize customer experience (now an experience) and we can’t stay lean while stuck paying premiums for yesterday’s tech. 

We should learn the lessons from other industries, where those moved quicker to customer experience management (CXM) won the edge on customer loyalty and engagement. 

It’s time to upgrade and retire our CRM. 

This free webinar explores the lessons learned from engagements outside pharma and identifies the highest impact areas where we can unlock smarter value propositions for customers and patients. We’ll break down the benefits that CXM can bring and show how it can be used to leapfrog competitors who are frustrating customers with Frankenstein legacy systems. 

Join us as we identify, ideate, and evaluate how pharma’s digital leadership can seize this moment to reinvent our approach to customer engagement with CXM.