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The Power of a CX-First Model

Explore New Channels with 

Intelligent Customer Insights

Are you generating intelligent and actionable insights from digital channels? Watch as the expert panel reveals the blueprint of a CX-First model.


March 22, 2022 @ 11 A.M. CET 

This session geared to Commercial executives explores the critical role that go-to-market teams are playing in reshaping how their customer organizations use digital capabilities to deliver commercial success.

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Data proves life sciences leaders who change from CRM to a #CXM approach score big with HCPs


Surveys show that patients and health care professionals are frustrated by gaps in the cancer patient journey. Explore 7 ways to improve the oncology customer experience and position your company as a partner, not a seller. Hint it starts with having the right CRM.   

We have prepared a list of the essential steps to help you have remote meetings that HCPs will love


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Paul Simms talks to Exeevo and Microsoft about the innovations being brought by both to the healthcare and life sciences markets

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Learn more about why more innovation is needed on the commercial side of the pharma, biotech and med-device industry


Hear about the strategic alliance between Exeevo (formerly Indegene Omnipresence) & Microsoft and how they plan to transform customer engagement for life sciences

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Revisiting KPIs for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Incentivizing people with KPI-linked bonuses is nothing new. If clearly defined they will get you results, but if not they can just reinforce the wrong behaviors. The difficulty is to define the right ones

CIO Blog Series: Tier 1 & 2 CRM & Device Strategies

Edwin Erckens, former CIO of Sanofi, outlines his considerations when choosing a biopharma CRM

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Get rid of common commercial and medical team challenges such as too much time spent on menial tasks. Learn more from this biopharma CIO

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McKinsey says that only 39% of first-time life sciences launches exceed pre-launch expectations. Improve your shot with our 10 essential strategies you can implement to help achieve a successful product launch.  

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To create better HCP and customer-focused patient experiences, life sciences companies need to focus on cross-collaboration and improve their employee experience. Understand what to do to achieve 1 mission. 

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Omnipresence. The cloud-based CRM platform for healthcare, oncology, and global life sciences organizations. Improve physician and patient experiences.

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Deloitte reports 43% of life sciences companies using an #AI-powered CRM bettered processes that ultimately improved patient engagement. The difficulty is understanding which CRM platform leverages #AI technology across all modules.  

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Insights from 1,365 life sciences professionals on the long-term impacts of COVID on the industry​

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Comprehensive checklist to help you evaluate the capabilities of customer platform solutions

AI Life Sciences Robot

A deep dive into the potential of AI for life sciences including challenges and use cases​


Life Sciences CIOs: identify essential data and analytics capabilities to improve commercial effectiveness

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What is the right recipe for optimal engagement when using email as part of your overall strategy?


CXM vs CRM, which one should pharma, biotech or med-device companies choose to support their CX strategy?

1,000 life sciences leaders discuss the role MSLs play in today’s digital-first era.  

Med-affair commercial collaboration
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Reuters discusses the true value in making customer centricity your crux. 

Are you paying unreasonably high costs for your medical CRM? 

Cost of CRM

See how traditional sales and marketing models need to adapt to meet the changing needs of life sciences customers and how a CXM model based on a company-wide unified systems and data strategy can help

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Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce? The choice isn’t easy. We compare the top 6 features of these CRMs to help you choose the right platform for your life sciences organization. 

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Shedding light on the 5 pillars that will allow your organization to meet and even exceed healthcare practitioner and patient expectations



Watch our webinar on discovering new ways of delivering better experiences, insights and care in a trusted and secure way

Great Customer Experiences Life Sciences

Omnipresence, along with Syneos Health and Microsoft talk about what the evolution of your digital strategy should look like through COVID-19 and beyond

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How are health teams connected today and how can a connected ecosystem help the experience?  Amgen, Microsoft and Sanofi discuss at eyeforpharma Barcelona 2019

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Patient Care Webinar.jpg

Hear from the expert panel and learn the secrets to empowering patients and caregivers throughout their treatment journey

Image by Jaromír Kavan

Listen to the expert panel as they discuss how medical affairs can contribute to elevated customer experiences


Are you generating intelligent and actionable insights from digital channels? Watch as the expert panel reveals the blueprint of a CX-First model

Watch as experts from Forrester, LinkedIn, Sandoz, and Omnipresence, explain how to get to a 360-degree view of your life sciences customers

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Learn more about Customer Experience Management (CXM) and why this is the technology needed to succeed in 2020 and beyond

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Watch as we identify, ideate and evaluate how pharma's digital leadership can seize this moment to reinvent our approach to customer engagement with CXM

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Digital Health Advances 2021 - Watch the webinar on the importance of AI for Pharma Commercial Operations

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Hear from this expert panel at Next Patient Week on how medical affairs can contribute to elevated customer experiences.

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Hear from this expert panel on the importance of Specialty Care in a
payer-led market and how to improve
the customer experience

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